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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Tallulah Taboo at the Finders Keepers Fair

I have been waiting for a valid excuse to plug my friend’s home-business, Tallulah Taboo for a while now, and the opportunity has finally come.  Tallulah Taboo is a “One (Wo)man show, creating individual pieces of art jewellery, or just plain pretty things to dangle from yourself or a friend.” On Sunday she will be running a stall at the Finders Keepers craft and vintage fair in Didsbury.  My valid reason finally came when I offered up the Yuba for use in transporting the goods to the fair.  I will be around at the show during the day.  I’ll do a proper write up after the event.  Doing favours is another great reason for owning the Yuba.


  1. that sounds lovely, I hope I'll have time to pop round, it's nice to support our local craft community! :D

  2. If you do go, I'll be recognisable as the one with the red boots.


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