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Saturday 27 November 2010

Saturday Out

I found myself at a bit of a loose end today, it was cold outside but cold inside my flat too, so I decided to go out on the bike to get warm. Heading towards town I decided to get onto the Ashton canal.



I was intending to turn off the canal and head to the Debdale end of the Fallowfield Loop but when I got to the turn I remembered the pick and mix stall in Ashton and decided to continue. The below zero temperature meant the towpath was frozen solid and quite rideable.


A section of canal had been drained for maintenance, and there were several anti-cyclist, anti-wheelchair barriers, but otherwise the ride was easygoing and pleasant.



This route would have been impassable on the Yuba Mundo, which is a shame.

I took the same route home and decided to turn off onto the Fallowfield Loop seeing as I was enjoying my ride. As LC recently posted, the Loop is looking very nice in the frosty weather:



I also saw some interesting political graffiti near Sainsbury’s in Fallowfield:



I covered a good 40 km and managed not to break a sweat or generate a thirst due to the cold. This kind of weather is great for just getting out there and having an explore by bike.

Finally, I saw this saddle. It seems that some cyclists have had issues with “Fake gel.” The manufacturers of this saddle apparently wanted to alleviate customers’ concerns:



  1. Nice pics Meestar Cee!

    Re: the graffiti - do you not find it odd that a PM who was so eager to be seen riding a pushie running upto his election, went on to put a complete helmet in charge of Transport?

  2. Making Hammond transport secretary was a disastrous move. I hope they replace him in the first re-shuffle, maybe send him off to the Lords where he can't do as much damage. They might as well have put Clarkson in change of transport.

    I'm not exactly pro-graffiti in general, but it is nice to see people caring about politics. There is a certain revolutionary mood in the air.

  3. As much as I find this coalition government disgusting I am so happy to finally see so many people embracing and enjoying healthy political arguments at dinner, down the pub and so on... followed by a cheery "right, my turn now, who wants what?"... unfortunately the Blairite years seemed they had turned political discussion into an embarrassing taboo...

    Going back onto lighter subject of cycling I find those barriers daaaangerous... I clipped it few days ago and nearly fell off, so now I approach them like a frail elderly lady... oh dear! But on the plus side I met a lovely lady in Chorlton, who owns a blue Yuba Mundo, carrying grocery, kids and all! Brilliant!

  4. @LC

    I am amazed that there is someone else in GM with a Yuba Mundo. I have seen a few Big Dummies, a few Utes and even an Xtracycle conversion out and about but never another Mundo. This may seem a little odd, but was it a dark or a light blue?

    As for politics, it is nice to see people starting to believe in causes and issues once again, apathy is never a good thing.

  5. Hate those bike traps along the Fallowfield loop. It would be so nice to glide along without those obstacles in the way.
    Perhaps there should be the same kind of obstacle for car users. Every mile, there should be a mandatory stop point for the car. Where the driver has to get out of the car, do one lap round it, and then get back in and continue on their way. Fairs fair.

  6. It was dark blue, with "Yuba Mundo" in white :)

  7. Calvers - so true. Try explaining the same logic to someone who doesn't ride a bike though & they look is if you have two heads lol

  8. @calvers

    Couldn't agree more, they hinder us and anyone with a non-standard bike is effectively banned from the route. Not to mention wheelchair users or those with double buggies.


    Dark blue means it is a V1 Mundo, older than my V2 and the current third revision they are selling. Apparently the rack is a fair bit wider too.


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