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Wednesday, 15 September 2010


I delivered a birthday present to a good friend yesterday using the Yuba, and I was accompanied by another dear friend in her Raleigh Twenty.  The birthday-like nature of the event led us to going out to the pub for a few drinks, and the Yuba and Twenty were left behind at the end of the night.  Today I used my Twenty to go to work on, and went over to pick up the other two bikes.  the logical outcome was the Meta-Bike:
It wasn’t as hard to ride as I expected.

UPDATE: The blue Raleigh Twenty pictured is called Beatrix, now featuring in the new blog Beatrix and Me.


  1. Not that bad, even with two kids on the back too. Bet you got some funny looks !

  2. @Jim, I was getting some really odd looks but that was probably partly down to a loose mudguard stay on the Yuba making the bikes sound like a boat-engine.

  3. Heheh brilliant :>)

    Hey Mr C, did I not spot a tweet of yours a few days ago about a new Twenty?

  4. @ian, indeed you did, a friend has recently got a folding Twenty "Stowaway" and I stripped it down for a clean and ball bearing/ tube replacement. It should show up in a future post.

  5. Great - looking forward to reading about it :>)


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