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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Moving to Chester

Dearest All,

I've lived in Manchester for quite a few years. During that time I've had some great times in this wonderful city. I started cycling again after a few years away from bikes. I went to university here. I started this blog and got to know a lot of other local bloggers in the process. This later led me to become involved in The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain. Needless to say, I am quite attached to Manchester.

However, all good things come to an end. Due to a new job, I will be moving southwards to the city of Chester. I'll miss living in Manchester, although I am quite looking forward to discovering and cycling in a new city. Plus it doesn't take that long to come and visit on the train for things like the Wheelers' Brunch.

I will continue blogging from my new city over at my new site: Chester Cycling. I have decided to use this opportunity to move from Blogger to Wordpress. MCRcycling will remain here although this site will no-longer be updated. All the existing posts and everyone's comments, plus regular updates can be found over at Chester Cycling. If you have been kind enough to post a link to this blog on your own site, it'd be greatly appreciated if you could update it too.

Dr C.

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This blog has moved to Chester. All the old posts can be found at Chester Cycling where I invite you to continue the discussion instead

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