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Saturday, 17 July 2010

30 cans of Coke

With the Yuba still on sick leave and with the food situation looking a bit dire I decided to head out for provisions on the DL-1.  I only intended to get something for lunch but I saw a World Cup 30 pack of Coke Zero on the cheap and decided to see if it would be possible to carry it home on the bike.  I had no bungees with me, but managed to fashion a rope out of carrier bags and tied it onto the rack.  The ride home was slower than I would normally ride but it was otherwise quite manageable.  I can see how all those people on Cycle Chic manage to carry a passenger side-saddle on their racks on similar bikes.



  1. ...and a single pannier. Two make a better platform, but I'm guessing that really, you're missing the Mundo! Hope it soon gets sorted ;o)

  2. Yeah, the briefcase clip makes it difficult to get a second pannier on, I don't mind it because I usually have the Yuba for proper carrying duties. I think my binder will come today, but I'll be out so it'll be tomorrow before I get it from the Post Office. Should probably do a few other maintenance jobs on the Yuba at the same time.


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