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Friday, 9 July 2010

Rainy Ride

One of the things I like about summer is that it rains slightly less, and when it doesn’t rain for a few days it is warm enough for the standing water to evaporate meaning that dirt-paths become firm and easily passable.  In winter this doesn’t happen as readily, but you can have some fun out on paved roads when a high pressure bubble comes along and gives you a few dry and freezing days.  Even when it does rain in summer it isn’t as bad; I’ve been rained on a few times in the past couple of days and it was still quite pleasant to be out.  On Wednesday I was caught in the rather heavy rain, got soaked through but I wasn’t freezing so I didn’t mind.  My peachy fabric bike-pants dried quickly enough and I was mostly dry already by the time I got home. 

Yesterday I decided to go to the Trafford Centre again (I wanted red shoe polish at about 8:30 pm)  I decided to largely ignore the useless cycling infrastructure discussed previously and ride on the road.  There was little other traffic which made for a nice ride.  The only downside was that what traffic remained was universally speeding.  On the way back it was quite warm.  There was a fine drizzle which was coming down at just the right rate to land on you and evaporate at about the same rate, leaving me feeling refreshed and quite dry.  Riding in the rain can be nice, you just need the right approach.


  1. I like summer rain too! Like you said I don't mid either being caught in it (although heavy winter rain, not so good). But I have not been caught in the rain yet this summer, I've got to work just before it started raining. Clothes wise, even in winter, rain isn't a proble as being a woman wearing skirts and tights provide a super combo, as they dry really quickly ;) it's soggy jeans/trousers that stay soggy all day. But the only thing that for me is annoying when I ride in the rain, come any season, is that since I wear glasses I can't see much!! But no matter what I wouldn't swap my bike commute for a car ;)

  2. I think I have now been rained on whilst on my bike every day for about 10 days. Its still not put me off. I think the fast drying Endura truosers help (they look like normal cargo pants but the fabric wicks and dries faster). They are probably a bit more subtle than a skirt and tights for me.


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