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Monday 4 October 2010

Cambridge Train Station

I will write in more detail about my recent trip to Cambridge shortly, for now I wanted to share these pictures taken outside of the train station in Cambridge:






It was hard to believe I was still in the UK.  Compare this to the bicycle parking facilities at the Manchester train stations and consider that the Cambridge urban area has a population of 130,000 and the city of Manchester (excluding Greater Manchester) has a population of 464,200.  Puts into perspective just how big cycling is in Cambridge.


  1. Northern Trains are trying - they've kicked off a large (well, by UK standards) project in Leeds with the cycle point:

    Might that be because Northern is run as a coalition between Serco and NedTrains (Dutch Railways)...?

  2. York town centre is similarly overloaded. It's very un-British y'know, but nice to see!

    As you will no doubt have seen at Piccadilly & Oxford Rd, the cycle parking that has been installed in those stations is usually full.


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