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Tuesday 26 October 2010

Democracy fails in Toronto

Brought to my attention courtesy of Copenhagenize. This idiot is the new mayor of Toronto. In this video he makes his ignorance obvious to all. Luckily we aren't yet at this stage here in the UK, but worryingly we aren't that far away from it either. I have heard of similar comments being made by Conservative councillors.


  1. The problem with the way Toronto is you have suburban cities voting for mayor of Toronto.

    In 1998 (I believe), the CITY of Toronto amalgamated with the surrounding suburban cities.
    Those who live in suburbia only care about one thing...Getting around by car.

    It also didn't help that the three front runners were all unfit to run a city the size of Toronto. Not one had any vision for cycling in that city so it didn't really attract those who are interested in cycling to come out and vote.

    I would say in infrastructure, Toronto is quite a distance behind other cities. With Ford in, they will not progress one bit (hopefully not regress) so that means after 4-years, Toronto can only hope that someone decent runs for mayor.

  2. Manchester has had similar problems in the past. A few years ago, our spineless local councillors held a referendum on the proposed congestion charge for Manchester. This is exactly the kind of decision not to have a referendum on, as most turkeys have been shown to oppose Christmas. The suburban towns around Manchester voted against the charge and now they enjoy the luxury of not having to pay to be stationary in traffic.

    30% of car commutes in Greater Manchester are under 3 miles.


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