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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Bike #1

The first bike I ever owned, and its a Raleigh.



  1. Radial lacing, single front brake, must be singlespeed or fixed. Looks like you were ahead of you time Mr.C. But in the words of Bikesnob 'that's sooo 2007' ;-)

  2. @Stingy Jim

    Definitely singlespeed, possibly fixed gear. looks like the same handlebar grips, brake lever, brake and handlebar used on some Twenties The clothing it quite hipster-esque too

  3. yup! like the bike, the photo and that sweater!! and go on let me say it.... awwwwwww : ) coz anything that makes me reminisce of 'our' youth, i.e. the '80s, makes me so nostalgic (I'm getting 'old' I know lol!)

  4. I could only very vaguely picture that bike in my mind's eye until I saw that picture on Sunday. A lot of memories with the little blue one.

    The whole scene does look very 1980s.

  5. Who's the other dude? He looks a lot like Gibbs from NCIS except in the 80s:

  6. @Alex

    That is pretty much how he looks now, but with more ear-hair


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