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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Critical Mass

After the symposium, I attended Critical Mass.  The organisation (such as it is) seemed to fall apart a bit, with the regular core massers being absent (possibly related to the Labour party conference).


I took the Twenty and the Yuba as I was meeting a friend in town before the ride, and he was without bike.  I also took a cooler full of ice and Desperados for afterwards.


The ride in was surprisingly pleasant.  Once at the library starting point I took in a lot of the bikes and started chatting to some random guy who had seen me on the Yuba before.


I was most impressed with this, a Raleigh Twenty with the 26 inch Raleigh fork and wheel placed up front.  Also, it has a pretty funky paint job.

Apparently the October Critical Mass is supposed to be one of the biggest, and I intend to be there.


  1. Love the Twenty with odd socks - I wonder how it rides?

  2. I bet it is easy to pull a wheelie on that

  3. well, I've marked the October critical mass on my calendar ;) fingers crossed I'll make it!

    [re: twitter - I am doing my MSc at CAT, the Centre for Alternative Technology :D it's in Wales but it's organised so I didn't need to uproot and move. I did study at Uni of Man for both my undergrad and diploma though]


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