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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Wheel Friendly

A friend of a friend is currently in the process of expanding a company operating cycling holidays, so I have decided to shamelessly plug it here.  The company is called Wheel Friendly and they are currently conducting a survey to find out about what people may be interested in for a cycling holiday.  One minor gripe is question number 2, “What kind of cycling do you do?”  Sadly, transportation is not one of the options listed, but at least there is an, “Other,” option available.

I’ve never been on a cycling holiday (although I have cycled a few times during a holiday), but it is something which has real appeal to me.  I’ve often considered the camping possibilities opened up by the Yuba and its huge carrying capacity.  Have any of you been on a cycling holiday?  Feel free to share your experiences (and links) in the comments section below.


  1. Indeedy! - Eventually I will finish off writing about it, but there's a lot on at work... see for the posts so far

    We based ourselves in a B&B for a few days (I am not really one for tents unless there is the promise of a lot of good music) and took out and back day trips from there.

    Contrary to expectations, some train companies actually have bike space! It can be limited though and is worth booking in advance (tbh, tickets may be cheaper that way *anyway*). So base yourself somewhere close to a railway station and you don't actually need to just cycle around your bed - we could have carried on for longer by using the train to get around part of the way.

  2. We haven't done an out & out cycle tour, but have taken them on holidays over here for years.

    Two recent trips that have been totally car free, were York in 2009 & down near Lincoln this summer. We got to both destinations on the train and used the bikes for getting about/day rides from where we stayed.

    The first trip was with our two young 'uns & involved a tandem and a childseat - fun on the train of course, and fun for real when we got there :>D

    The second trip was intended to be an ad-hoc tour, but an iffy weather forecast had us playing it safe in a guesthouse. It was non the worse for it though.

    On both trips, telling people beforehand what we were doing was met with mixtures of curiosity, genuine interest, and the best bit...strange second maybe we have two heads each. In fact the last bit is like a badge of honour heheh

  3. My holiday cycling is limited to a cycle tour of Brussels (which was excellent) and renting a bike to ride around Munich with @grimnorth. It is something I would love to do though, possibly somewhere less hostile than the UK though


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