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Friday, 10 September 2010

Workcycles Oma

This is one I have seen around quite a lot recently.  Workcycles are based in Amsterdam, they work with bikes and frames made by other companies, in this case Azor.  The bike I have seen is the Oma, and it is one of the most elegant bikes I see in regular everyday use in Manchester.

IMAG0345 IMAG0346

Close-up on the front carrier, sturdily mounted to the downtube


Steering stabiliser, prevents front wheel flopping when parked up with kickstand (available for Yuba Mundo).


Dynamo lights, high quality bottle dynamo powers the front light and the rear.


Those expensive SRAM internal hub gears again.


Funky double panniers, chain guard and dress guard and a B66 saddle too.


And finally, like all good Dutch bikes, a frame-fitting lock.

The bike is amazingly high quality, SRAM internal hub gears and drum brakes, lugged steel frame powder coated in matte black.  I had considered a Workcycles Opa as an alternative to the Pashley Roadster I was intending to buy one day (before I found the Tourist).  I’m sure it would have been a good investment.


  1. I've seen it once, in the city centre and thought of LGRAB. Nice to see an Oma in Manchester! I saw lots when I went to Rotterdam (well, I know, no surprise there). The Pashely SP has an O-lock, very very handy. btw like the new look of the blog!

  2. Looks well screwed together, or should that be lugged/brazed/bolted?! Just had a look on Workcycles website & like the look of the 'priest bike' they do with it's unusual mixte(ish) tubes & low step over height.

    P.S: ditto on liking the new look of your blog - esp' the DL1 up top :>)

  3. Workcycles do some pretty amazing stuff. I like the FR8 a lot, and they also do a hopped-up Bakfiets. It's nice to see more and more of these types of bikes in the UK, they are making a comeback.

    I think it is logged and bolted together.

    Thanks for the compliments on the new blog look


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