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Friday, 16 July 2010

Display Fail


Spotted in Debenhams.  The bike is used to promote some beachy summery clothing.  They don’t actually sell the bike, which is probably for the best considering the rookie fork mistake.  Interestingly the mudguard is on the right way around, although it could do with a bit of anticlockwise rotation.  I saw a similar “fork malfunction” on the Sowerby Bridge to Manchester ride.  I wonder how it handles…


  1. Didn't ASDA famously make the same mistake a while back?

    A shocking fail ;>D

    Wonder how it handles? Probably like anything else on castors!

  2. Asda used the backwards fork on their TV ad. You just reminded me of a site I saw at the time, don't know if you saw it;

  3. Thanks. I decided it was time for a readable header. I found loads of unused pics from when I started the blog when I went back to get the original shot of the skyline from the ship canal. Will post some of them soon.


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