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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Things That Can be Carried On A Bike

This is in honour of the blog Urban Simplicity which was one of the blogs which inspired me to take the plunge and buy the Yuba.  It also is here to show that you can still get a whole load of stuff at the supermarket without needing a car.


Here is my trolley-full.


Here it is loaded onto the Yuba.


And here is the list in full, feel free to criticise my choices of goods in the comments below.  The item marked as chocolate on the bottom is actually Chocolate Weetabix.  I have high hopes for them, check my Twitter for updates.


  1. Holy crap!
    Thats a lorra lorra goods - am seriously impressed!

    Now off to scrutinise your choice of food.

  2. Right, I've had a look.

    IF you cut out eating cat litter with Quorn burgers, you might find that you need less than 24 rolls of toilet paper a week.

    Just an observation ;)

  3. Nothing wrong with a bit of roughage in the diet.

  4. Mr C, I think we live in the same neighbourhood (ish) if you shop at Tesco Burnage ;) We love Aldi... great selection of continental chocolates!! (the one on the A34 but that you can access also from Burnage Lane/Green End Rd)...

    Love the Yuba carrying capacity! With Pashley alone I can get about 20kg of grocery (loaded front and back plus a rucksack on me) if we go with Brompton and trailer then... well... we brought back a Xmas tree once ;)

  5. @naturallycyclingmanchester

    Impressive Brompton hauling! It makes me laugh to think that a few years ago I used to do all my shopping on a crappy split frame full-suspension mountain bike using only a backpack. Made me learn that you get what you pay for with bikes (at least up to a point).

    I don't actually live that close to Burnage Tesco, there are supermarkets nearer to me but I quite enjoy the ride down Parrs Wood Road.


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